30, Apr 2024
How to Get to Four Kings in World of Warcraft

how to get to four kings

Four kings is one of the more challenging bosses in the game. To defeat it, players need to have high damage per second and excellent armor. Strength builds with heavy weapons are recommended, or dexterity builds using fast weapons like zweihanders or claymores are best. Also recommend getting as much poise as possible so as to dodge attacks while blocking slashes and melee attacks more effectively; additionally a grass crest shield may help block their swords without taking much damage in return.

The King attacks with sword slashes and blasts that can be dodged with some practice; both attacks can be easily dodged with slow attack animation and rolling to avoid it; blasts are more difficult to avoid but with enough practice it should be possible to pass them without taking damage.

To successfully dodge these attacks it is key to have plenty of stamina and to act quickly when dodging attacks. High mobility armor and quick animation weapons may help as well; sword attacks that come too close should be dodged, and any blasts should be blocked for maximum damage prevention. Kings may summon dangerous wraiths but these should not present much of a threat against fire.

As soon as you enter an arena, the first thing you should do is cast Great Magic Barrier to temporarily prevent most of the Kings’ attacks from doing any lasting damage and give yourself time to prepare for battle. Once in melee range with one king, equip your armor and weapon of choice before using whatever means necessary to attack aggressively with whatever weaponry available to you.

Be mindful that King enemies may strike with their hilt from time to time, which should cause less damage than their blades and can usually be avoided with some maneuvering. Furthermore, blocking any of their sword attacks will reduce your stamina considerably and could drain it quickly if blocked successfully.

Notable points about this game: one important thing to keep in mind is that the kings may reappear after being killed during their death animation, although this seems rare. Kill the kings as soon as possible so there won’t be more than two in your arena at any one time.

Maintain a steady flow of damage against the kings rather than overkilling them to reduce wraiths while simultaneously decreasing the number of kings that must be killed in one final blow. With enough damage dealt, it may even be possible to take down one with only low health with just one hit!

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